Guest Blog – A word or two about characters who are less than perfect, and damn it…where are…oh forget the damn condoms!

Many thanks to D.J. Manly for today’s guest blog. His hot and steamy stories are among my personal favorites!

Have you even known a perfect man?? God knows I’ve searched for one but somehow…well…even the one that looks next to perfect…he’s got issues. I have a love/hate relationship with that word…issues, but hey it’s catchy, isn’t it? I could say it all day. And my characters have them. I don’t write White Knights or Prince Charmings, because baby, I have nothing to base them on except fairy tales, and I don’t write those either.

I write what I know, I write what I see, and I write what I hear.  Being a writer is a funny thing…not funny ha, ha, but funny bizarre. When people read me, they tell me the characters are alive in their head. Great…but sometimes I have the odd reader who will write me and they are really angry, mad! They demand to know why was he (the character) so stupid. I didn’t like him because he was so immature. I would have liked the book better if the guy would have realized what he was doing and come out of the damn closet!
I guess my response is…yes….but….but…there wouldn’t be a book otherwise, or it would be a totally different book…or I would have had to stop at chapter three with no place to go except…the end.
Human beings are flawed, immature, stupid, and they don’t realize things that are going on in front of their faces. I hate to break it to you but…there you are. I write fiction but I don’t write perfect. I’m far from that. And I have no role models on which to go on.

This brings me to the “happy ending.” I usually give in to this one…because I’m a softie deep down…and I give the characters a happy ending…but sometimes in life this doesn’t happen. But hey, I figure readers don’t want boring old hum drum…they want to feel good for a little while. And I kind of agree with that.

Overall…I love that my readers write me and nag at me sometimes. It feels like marriage (shudders). I love them all, even the flawed ones!!!

Now, regarding the condom business. I write about men having sex and I have a problem with condoms, not personally mind you…but writing about them in a book during sex scenes. Readers blast me if I don’t include a condom, and they blast me when I do. Usually, characters use them all the time but some readers…especially gay men…tell me…  “D.J. we know, we know, you don’t have to hit us over the head with the condoms…” So, ‘sigh’ I surrender. I wish I had a device where readers could just add one or take one away at leisure while they read, based on their tastes.

Just like with characters…don’t like what this one is doing…well…just eliminate the lines you don’t like. That would work.

Actually it’s flattering that some readers breathe such life into my characters. I’m smiling. I love my readers…they make me dizzy sometimes but damn, my ego just loves it when they take time to write and say something nice. It makes me high for days.

I’m thinking however that maybe I should write three alternative stories…one with nice guys who use condoms, one with guys who are sometimes nice and sometimes use condoms, and guys who are flawed who once in awhile remember where they put the damn condom. What do you think???

D.J. Manly
On meds

One thought on “Guest Blog – A word or two about characters who are less than perfect, and damn it…where are…oh forget the damn condoms!

  1. Condoms are a realistic and annoying part of modern love and sex – so if you aren’t writing a fairytale wher HIV, unplanned pregnancy and all the other pesky STD’s don’t exist – my vote is to keep them in.

    And – I could totally believe a character that doesn’t use them, forgets sometimes – and the dreaded “What do you meant IT broke?” moment as well.

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