Superbowl Hotness!! Touchdowns: Erotic M/M Football Stories

Touchdowns: M/M Football Stories

My first M/M/M short story is out!! It’s not a paranormal, but when I saw the call from Ravenous Romance for erotic football-themed stories, I felt…inspired.

The story is called AFTER PARTY, and is about a very special special Virginia Tech/UVA post-game celebration between the quarterback and a couple of new friends who appreciate his moves both on and off the field (just so we’re clear, that’s three college football hunks – a grand total of 700 lbs of manflesh!).

The story also touches ever so slightly on the little-discussed issue of abuse in same-sex relationships, and I really fell in love with the characters even in such a brief span as 5000 words. Especially the main character, Manny.

Other stories in this collection include a story of old love rekindled by Ryan Field, who I personally think is fantastic. If you’re familiar with his work, his short story ABSENCE OF SHAME, is a lost chapter from The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby, with Cory the handy man as the main character this time.

HALL OF FAMER by Bradley Church is a story of young-love all grown up between two players who meet at football camp, THE MASCOT AND THE CAPTAIN by Garland is about…well, the mascot and the team captain, GIVING HIM FITZ by Suleikha Snyder is about the difficulty and reward of handling public relations for a golden-boy football player, Famer by Bradley Church, REUNION GAME by Rebecca Leigh tells of a college reunion of a very special nature, and you’ll never feel the same way about halftime again after reading HALFTIME ENTERTAINMENT by Kyell Gold.

So being a part of this anthology has been a great experience. I am especially proud to be sharing space with Ryan Field, who writes such fantastic and unique stories. It was a real learning experience for me, and working Lori Perkins was a real treat after hearing about what a great editor she is! 🙂 I was extremely impressed by her skill and efficiency, and though our contact was limited to a few short emails, she was very sweet.

I hope you will check out TOUCHDOWNS and stay tuned for more hot, hunky goodness.

You can purchase TOUCHDOWNS at a discount directly from Ravenous Romance: or from Amazon:

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