Review: Rocking the Boat by Christopher Koehler

Rocking the BoatRocking the Boat by Christopher Koehler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a refreshingly sweet love story. No BDSM, no vampires, just two guys at a college who had the hots for each other and fall in love despite the fact that maybe, technically, they probably shouldn’t. That said, I didn’t feel like I was reading two hundred pages of skipping though daisies. There was enough tension to keep me reading. The rowing angle was interesting and unique, and Koehler’s love of the sport really shows though. Fun AND educational! Perv that I am, I have to admit that my favorite part was the love scenes. They were wicked hot, and I felt the emotion in them progress from one to the next as Morgan and Nick’s feelings for each-other evolved.

I’ve seen some discussion about Nick and Morgan behaving in an immature fashion as they dance around their attraction to each other. I half suspect that this is intentional, not to mention realistic for the story line. They are college students, for crying out loud. Nick may be a little older, but he’s still in grad school, and his history suggests a lack of any long-term relationship to use as a barometer for wiser behavior. And seriously, don’t we all do some pretty boneheaded things when we’re sprung on somebody? I know I have. And with regard to the issue that Morgan is a student and Nick is technically in a position of power, Koehler paints Morgan as the aggressor,and he is a legally consenting adult. So for me, that part of it wasn’t a problem. The characters were likable and relatable to me and I thought the dialog was witty, especially Nick’s. The only minor thing was that in my opinion was there was a spot or two where the plot felt like it moved a little slowly, but it wasn’t enough for me to lose interest in the story. Oh, and he’s set things up nicely for a sequel at the end, and left just enough of a tickler for you to be curious. I’m looking forward to that.

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