Review: Hot Head by Damon Suede

Hot HeadHot Head by Damon Suede
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So this is the story of Griff and Dante, firefighters and lifelong best buddies–so close they’re practically brothers. Griff has fallen in love with Dante but can’t say anything because they’re supposed to manly skirt-chasing men, they run into burning buildings, and you just don’t DO that sort of thing. Right? Oh, but not so fast there, Griff. It turns out Dante’s in a tight spot financially, so he suggests they do a little gay for pay movie or two on the interweb to pick up some cash, and next thing you know Griff’s locked in a struggle between following his heart and his carnal desires, and doing what he thinks is best for his friendship with Dante.

And then, you know…the hot sex happens. 😉 *insert bow-chicka-bow-wows, here*

What I loved most was that underneath it all this is a really sweet love story. It’s set against a post-911 backdrop and the flashbacks of that horrendous day were carefully handled–dramatic, but not vulgar or insensitive. And while the sex was hot and filthy (in the good way) it was combined with a romance that was tender and touching and at times a little bit awkward as new relationships tend to be. There was also a lot of humor in such a serious story, not the least of which was more slang synonyms for male masturbation than you could, umm, shake your stick at. The obligatory happy ending was there in spades, and sets things up nicely for a sequel. The dislikes were so very minor–like the fact that I managed to notice enough references to plums and medium-rare steak that I may never manage a trip through the grocery store without naughty visions dancing in my head ever again.

Okay, maybe that’s not really such a bad thing either.

In addition, the story behind the story is pretty damn compelling all by itself. Damon tells all about how the idea for Hot Head came to be on Jadette Paige’s blog, here.

Finally, you can get to know more about the man himself by going to his web site or finding him on Facebook.
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