Today’s Quickie: The OutWrite LGBT Book Festival–Saturday August 6th

Washington DC area folks!! This weekend, August 6th from 10 am to 6 pm is the DC OutWrite book festival, and I hope everyone will come and support some amazing authors. A few I’m very excited about include Rick McGranahan who will be signing his memoir Visiting the Ghost of Puppyboy at 10, Bob the Book author David Pratt who will be doing a reading at 5:30, and Dirty One, stories by Michael Graves who I believe will be doing a reading at 5:30.

Please follow this link to checkout the whole lineup–the whole day looks like it’s going to be awesome.

I’m especially excited about meeting David Pratt and his Bob the Book, which I loved so much I have read it twice now. And while the author himself calls this gay literary fiction, I saw it in a lot of ways as a romance as well. He does something that you see a lot in children’s stories but not often in adult stories: he brings an inanimate object to life. Gives it thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We follow it through book sales and backpacks as it forms attachments and friendships and we see it view human interactions, and yes it falls in love.  And almost immediately, I fell in love with Bob.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

— Ellis

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