Today’s Quickies

Immortal Valentine is out now! This is a sexy boy-meets-vampire novella about what is supposed to be a one-night stand that becomes forever.

What the reviewers are saying: “Ms. Carrington’s vampire world has its own canon and she is able to make her characters abide by those rules. The HEA that Angelo and Caleb achieve is very satisfying and emotional.” — Mrs. Condit Reads Books

Have you checked out Boxer Falls? Boxer Falls is an m/m serial soap opera head written by Damon Suede, Poppy Dennison and myself. We’ve got tons of AMAZING guest writers as well and is not to be missed. So if you haven’t taken a peek, head over to the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads. This week’s episode was written by Amy Lane, and it is so, so, SO good. There’s also a discussion thread which you can jump in on, here. And if you’re interested in guest-authoring an episode, please contact Poppy, Damon, or myself for more info.

Head over to Kate McMurray’s site today for the latest stop on the Beat Your Winter Blues Blog Hop. Remember folks, there are chances to win free books and a $200 grand prize at every stop so you don’t wanna miss out on that!

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