Review: Acrobat by Mary Calmes

AcrobatNote from Ellis: This week Mary brings her dark, gritty, sexiness to Boxer Falls, the free serial drama soap over at the M/M Romance group on Goodreads. Old wounds are opened, vengeance is inflicted, and a little smexing happens, too. Check it out, here.

Acrobat by Mary Calmes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a truly gorgeous love story, and I found everything about it to be a notch better than what Mary Calmes usually brings to the table, which is really saying something. The banter is easy and witty, the pacing kept me turning pages, and the slow-burn sensuality between the two heroes finally erupts into amazing, explosive sexual chemistry.

So you have Nate, a divorced, mid-40’s professor who is handsome and liked by many but has built sort of bubble around himself and his family. He hasn’t dated in awhile, but he does have this great neighbor kid who reminds him a little of his own son when his son was younger. The neighbor kid’s mom is dead and his guardian uncle works a lot so Nate helps to take care of him, even to the determent of the rare chance he gets at going on a date. All-around good guy, that Nate.

Enter Dreo, the neighbor kid’s guardian uncle who happens to work for the mob. He’s a big, sexy Italian man who uses lots of sexy Italian dialogue and has been quietly digging on Nate all this time that the hot professor has been helping his nephew with his homework after school. As Dreo works on getting himself out of “the family” and into a respectable profession, circumstances keep throwing the two men together and the the danger and tension climbs higher.

There’s an age differential here between the guys, but it really worked for me. Dreo is all alpha, and what he lacks in chronological years he more than makes up for with life experience. Nate, with his wisdom and education, matches Dreo equally and stands up to him when the situation calls for it in a way that a less educated man Dreo’s own age might not.

And oh God, did I mention how hot the sex was?

Loved it.

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