The Bridegroom Kickstarter Project, and I an interview where I poke Damon Suede with sticks

This touching video has gone around the internet quite a bit, but just in case you haven’t seen it I’m going to give the super-fast nutshell explanation about it: Boy meets boy, boys fall in love and plan a lifelong commitment to one another, boy falls off a roof and dies tragically before his time.  Other boy is prohibited from attending his partner’s funeral, and even threatened with bodily harm by his late fiance’s family. In the hopes of of shedding light on this terrible situation and the larger issue of marriage inequality, they are trying to get a documentary made about their story. I hope you will consider contributing. There are only a few days left and they loose all donated funds if they don’t reach the goal. You can find out more about the Kickstarter project and become a backer, here.

Unarguably, this is unfair, and I would really love to see them get this documentary made.   Some have argued to me that it is sufficient for folks in same-sex relationships to have paperwork and contracts, and the fact is they don’t cover everything. And these guys, sadly, didn’t have wills. Maybe they should have, but you know what? My husband and I should have wills also, we really should. We live busy lives and we haven’t gotten to it yet, and statistically the odds are slim of us dying right now. But if God forbid my husband dies tomorrow, nobody is going to stop me from saying goodbye. That is as it should be for all humans. I really don’t like to get political a lot, and truthfully I don’t feel like I’m exactly getting political now. To me, this is about basic human decency. I really applaud what this young man, Shane Bitney, is doing. Putting your painful story out in the world for everyone to see is no easy thing.

On a lighter note… Damon Suede and I have been buddies and beta readers for going on a couple of years now. Recently we took a short break from our busy schedules to interview each other over at Hearts on Fire reviews, in what we liked to call A Rousing Interlude In Which Damon Suede and Ellis Carrington Poke Each Other With Sticks. We had a lot of fun. Stop by and say hello. 🙂

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