Downward Dog, Dust, Soapy Studs, and a Cup of Joe

Last week I posted about the Washington DC yoga instructor who was injured in a suspected hate crime. Awesome news, he’s out of the hospital, hanging in there, and has stated that thanks to all the amazing support they do not need any more money. That’s so amazing I don’t have words for it. Happy Soul Yoga in Leesburg, VA,  is still going to be doing one last Karma Yoga event for Michael. Even if money is no longer needed, awareness, remembrance, and celebration are always vital. Healing thoughts and prayers are good too. So if you’re in the area, I hope you will come celebrate with us and wish him a speedy return to healing. 🙂

Ohyeah, in other news, the picture thing. If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice things are looking a little different. Even if you haven’t, you’ll probably notice it looks a little…stark, right now. I decided to overhaul the look and feel of my blog, the format I was using was very limited in its configuration ability and I was getting frustrated. But like most improvement projects, these things take time, and they always take longer than you expect them to. Bear with me, pretty please. And like many authors and bloggers, I’m using this as an opportunity to rip out a lot of the pictures I’ve used in the past, so right now a lot of images are missing. I’ll do my best to fix that. So please pardon my dust while I move things around a bit…

Have you visited Boxer Falls? This week the Popess of Gay Angst, Ally Blue put her own special spin on everyone’s favorite gaytime drama, and her episode is awesome. Find out what happens in the aftermath of a brutal storm that brings the little town of Boxer Falls to its knees. Stop by the Goodreads M/M Romance Group and catch up on all the dirt.

Oh, oh!! And finally, more free fiction for you to read! I have been remiss in pimping the lovely and talented Alix Bekins’s blog warming party! She’s doing a month-long serial story with many, many talented authors including Amy Lane, Mary Calmes, Sue Brown, and I will be participating as well at the end of the month. Stop by and join the party! Ariel Tachna started off the month, and you can find the beginning of the story entitled “Morning cup of Joe,” here:

Have a lovely week, everybody. 🙂

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