Things that make you go “awwww!”


Only FOUR DAYS left to pledge a donation to The Fearless Project! This is an amazing photo project that supports openly gay teen athletes. They are so close to their goal. Please help by contributing (it’s tax-deductible) or getting the word out! 

This week’s episode of Boxer Falls. a gaytime drama, was written by Edmond Manning. Edmond was left with a tough cliffhanger. Phil Boxer’s in the morgue–now what? He did a fabulous job with it. My favorite part though, was the scene with everyone’s favorite “it” couple, Quinn and Oz. Made me go “Aww!” like I was looking at a box of cute baby bunnies.

I stumbled across Edmond’s novel, King Perry, awhile back. It’s not your
traditional romance. More like what I’d call “with romantic elements.” The ending is positive but not a happily ever after. Still, there’s a love story in there, the plot and the writing are strong, and he has what I found to be a really fresh and unique voice. The tale itself was really moving and had an etheral, almost otherworldly quality to it which appealed to me as a paranormal author, even though the novel was a contemporary. So we were really thrilled that he was willing to take time from his busy schedule to contribute to Boxer Falls for us.

Speaking of gay soaps, I have been TOTALLY digging on the internet soap Husbands. Starring Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon as a famous power couple who gets drunk-Vegas married and has to stay that way for the sake of good PR, it is hilarious and sexy and extremely intelligent. And holy effing cow, the last episode of season two was sooo sweet! I got a little sniffly. (Baby bunnies again. AWWW!) You MUST watch if you haven’t already. You can find all the past episodes on YouTube, and their web site is here.


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