Today’s quickie: Hot Gay Art, Yo

Acrobat by Mary Calmes

Acrobat by Mary Calmes – cover art by Anne Cain

It’s round three of the Rainbow Awards cover contest, which is where the lovely

Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane

Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane – Cover art by Reese Dante

Elisa Rolle asks for help culling through all the awesome entries and the gorgeous cover art to recognize some of the best LGBT books out there and their associated cover artists. Some of my favorites are still in the running, I especially love this cover art for Acrobat over to the left here. And Mary Calmes is such a wonderful author. Anne Caine did an amazing job with this cover. Whoever your faves are, I hope you’ll take the time to stop in and vote. You *do* have to log into LiveJournal to vote, but it will let you do it with a Facebook or Twitter account. Super easy.

The cover for Amy Lane’s Chase in Shadow is up as well, done by the fabulous Reese Dante. Reese super awesome, she is actually working on a new banner for this very blog, and I am truly blessed because she is so talented. And Chase in Shadow is a great book. Sexy and emotional. I cried the whole way through, but it was the good kind of crying. So, yanno, vote for whoever, but if you need some suggestions, these’d be good. 🙂  You can see all of the covers here, and the poll itself is here.

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