NaNo and the next big thing

nanowrimo Winner-180x180

I got tagged by Christopher Koehler in that “Next Big Thing” blog hop, but I’ve had a million crazy things including a sick child, a completely sleepless night, and some other things I won’t go into or else the rest of this blog post will be nothing but four letter words plus a few I just now made up. So this post isn’t gonna be mega-organized, and I apologize, but do go check out Chris’s latest big thing, because his rowing series is fun reading, and Burning It Down promises to be the best one yet. Be sure to hum that Linkin Park song while you download. I know I did.

Technically speaking, I won NaNo. The book is not quite done yet. 50k is a novel by the standards of the RWA, but it’s not a very meaty one. So we’re almost there because I have a few thousand more words to go (and a whole lot of editing) before I’ll feel like my guys are ready to go out into the world. It’s a small town contemporary novel about two guys who work in a strip club and I hope to have it done very soon. My heroes are Greg and Carlos, and this is a prequel to a contemporary novel I wrote earlier in the year that wasn’t ready yet to be finished. I finally decided what I needed was to know the world and the characters better. So I handled that that in the form of writing a prequel instead of a sequel for the supporting cast. I feel like it went rather well, but until I’ve finished it, polished it, given it to my beta readers, polished it some more, and handed it over to my agent (Eric Ruben) for perusal, I don’t really want to say more. Not counting unhatched eggs, and all that jazz. This is darker and angstier than anything I’ve written before, so it’s new territory, and I’ve gone from proceeding with optimistic caution to throwing myself into the void. But fingers crossed, hopefully you get to meet my new guys soon, and in the meantime check out some other great authors and their next big things (snerk). Like Sloan ParkerAmy Lane, Belinda McBride, and Lee Brazil.

4 thoughts on “NaNo and the next big thing

  1. It feels so good when you see those two last words written at the bottom of the last page, doesn’t it?
    This is the first year I join the crowds and was able to finish my first novel. Hoorah!! I just now finished reading Yes, Sir! and all I can say is, WOW! I so wish it was a novel or had a sequel! That little story was so well written Ellis!
    Happy Holidays!


    • It does, and thanks! So glad you liked Yes, Sir! Not sure if anything more will ever come of that story, but never say never. Might be nice to know what happened to those two.

      Congrats on finishing your novel!!

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