Ram It In the… Well, You Know…

(Big News! Nook people, my paranormal novellas, Amor Prohibido and Immortal Valentine are now available on Nook!

People who meet me in person ask all sorts of interesting questions about the fact that I write gay romance. Apparently to those who have never seen my drunken gay bar antics (or my sex toy store antics, or my shopping mall antics, or…), I don’t seem like “The type” whatever that means. Often these questions then circle around to “So what does your husband think about the fact that you write gay romance?”


My extremely heterosexual husband has learned to roll with the punches. It takes a special person to live with me, let alone commit to marriage. I corrupted the good Catholic boy, which works out nicely because he has the patience of a saint. He may not be chomping at the bit to run out and tell his conservative family or co-workers about what I write, but he’s developed an excellent sense of humor about the my favorite romance genre:

  • One day when I was working with an anal sex guide next to me on the bed (Bend Over! The Complete Guide to Anal Sex – recommended) he came in and said “Oh good, you have a copy of that one too!”
  • Two television sports announcers put their heads together to review a play. My husband turns to me and says “So this is probably the part where you assume they’re going to make out.” (No, honey, in my head they were already making out. But good call.)
  • I signed up to judge the RITA awards. The published author awards for the Romance Writers of America. My husband asks what the acronym RITA is for? Feeling silly, I tell him I don’t actually know. He suggests “Rammed In The Ass.”

Maybe he’s been around me too long.

Guess I’ll keep him now that I’ve clearly broken him in, and ruined him for anyone else. 😉

4 thoughts on “Ram It In the… Well, You Know…

  1. Oh what a lucky woman you are!!! It’s good to see that your husband is so accepting of what you do. He’s a jewel. You better keep him! 😛
    “Rammed In The Ass.” = Priceless! Hahaha! High Five him on my behalf!

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