What Happened to Boxer Falls?

BF-banner-400pxI’ve been asked a lot lately about Boxer Falls, and whether or not there will be a season 2. As of now, it has been decided that the answer is no. Boxer Falls was the big idea of Damon Suede and I was both thrilled and honored to be one of the drivers behind the series who helped map out the core characters and their bios, the town itself, not to mention having written 4 episodes of the series. I learned so much and made friends with many amazing authors I might not have gotten to know otherwise.

On the flip side, the whole endeavor of writing, editing, and coordinating guest authors every week was a bigger challenge than we anticipated. Once in awhile, seeing a character you loved taken in a new direction by a guest writer was a little (okay, a lot) heartbreaking. It was for me, anyway.

So after much debating and taking a temporary break the temporary break became permanent. We announced this in the newsletter and on the Boxer Falls web page, but I’m announcing it here as well in case some of you haven’t yet gotten the memo. If you haven’t gotten to read all the episodes and still want to, everything is available online at BoxerFalls.com/Reruns.

More soon!

Love, Ellis

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