A couple of quick things

Just wanna give folks a heads up that for a brief period of time my Mayan mythology novella, Amor Prohibido, will most likely be unavailable very shortly. I’ve requested a reversion of rights so that I can update the book, change the cover art and make it shiny and new. I plan to re-release it as the novella I love and adore, only better. I’ll try to have it back online as soon as possible, but I don’t have a date yet, because I wasn’t as on the ball with the process as I ought to have been. Sorry. 😦 Coupla months, I hope.

Yes_Sir_Final_1600x2600My free promo for Yes, Sir will be ending soon. A bazillion thank-yous to everyone who has downloaded and read the story, and made it the #1 free gay romance download for almost a solid two months. It even very nearly cracked the Amazon top 100 in its first week. That’s no small thing, especially given the number of people who contacted me to let me know it was the first gay story they had ever read, that they found it surprisingly sensual for a BDSM story, and they hope I do a full-lengh novel with the same characters (I’ve been toying with this idea since I wrote the original draft of Yes, Sir in 2011 and if I think I can do the book justice, then I will. We’ll have to see.), and so many other sweet and thoughtful things. It turns out putting a free story on Amazon is a little like getting naked in Times Square. A LOT of people see you. I was blown away by the number of downloads. So thanks to everyone who took the time to read (and especially those who took the time to review) Yes, Sir. I do hope you enjoyed it.

I also owe a huge squishy hug to Pickyme, who designed Yes, Sir’s sensual cover. I’ve gotten so much great feedback about the cover, including people who said they downloaded the story for the artwork alone. That, my friends, is all kinds of awesome.

Love a good dark read? Someone gifted me Hushed and Suicide Watch by Kelley York recently, and holy mother of I need a happy pill, hands down this is the darkest shit I’ve read in gay romance, or maybe period. I don’t usually dip my toe into that dark psychological erotica stuff so I’m not counting that, I’m counting the stuff that has two people falling in love and a hopeful ending. Which she somehow manages, although in Hushed just very nearly. Still, I was edge of my seat the whole time and they were both excellent stories. I’ve definitely found another author to keep an eye on. If you prefer something lighter, Handle With Care by Josephine Myles was super adorable and a quick read.

big hugs everybody,


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