Coming soon: Stripped Clean

Stripped Clean_Fake CoverI’ve got a new book coming out! Yay! Fire the glitter cannons!

*makes deafening kaboom noises*

STRIPPED CLEAN comes out this fall – we’re currently shooting for a mid-November release.  In cooperation with the mega awesome Enchantress of Books blog tour company, I will be unveiling the cover (designed by the uber-talented and utterly adorable Pickyme)  on October 17, 2013. If you possess a blog and would be willing to help me show off the cover in a few weeks, please click here to sign up here and I will adore you forever.

Hell, who are we kidding here? I adore you already. If you help me drum up some buzz about the book, I’ll love you even more.


To help entice you, here is ze blurb:

About Stripped Clean:

Carlos O’Shea is stuck. He knocked up a girl in college after a night of too much drinking and then married her to be honorable. With little money, fewer options, and no degree, he winds up cleaning the floors in a small town gentlemen’s club and thinking desperate thoughts about the handsome owner that’ll lead to nothing but trouble.

Greg Moorehouse only invested in a nudie bar to help his best buddy out of a financial crisis. Now his drug-dealing ex-boyfriend, his reverend father, and a parade of surgically-enhanced DDs are driving him insane. But what’s really stripped him of all good sense is his growing obsession with his married employee, Carlos.

They circle each other in a push-pull of misunderstandings and growing attraction. Carlos needs to get his boss out of his head, and Greg can’t abide cheaters and married men. So what are a strip-club owner and the guy who cleans for him going to do with their undeniable desires?

Be advised: Contains explicit love-making between two hot-blooded men, angsty dark moments, and cupcake-baking exotic dancers.

CLICK HERE to add it to your Goodreads to-be-devoured lists!

See you real soon,

Ellis ❤

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