shutdown ebook giveaway(s)

I saw Tiffany Reisz giving away free books on twitter the other day to anybody who was out of work due to the government shutdown, and I thought you know? That’s really nice of her. I kinda wish I’d thought of that. Like so many other Americans, our household has been hit by this shutdown, and also like a lot of other Americans we’re doing our best to stay positive in what is turning out to be a really uncertain time for our country.

It’s hard not to feel angry, and it’s hard not to feel helpless. And I know *I* feel more positive when I have a book to lose myself in a story for a little while, so maybe that’s the only thing I can do right now to help folks who are in this same boat as I am (except perhaps emailing my senator). So. If you’ve been furloughed by this #$*&ing government shutdown and you would like some paranormal m/m romance to keep you entertained, drop me a line (elliscarrington at gmail) and I will hook you up.

For those of you still gainfully employed, I haven’t forgotten about you! Read-love-blog and Stumbling Over Chaos are both giving away copies of my Mayan manlove novella, Forbdden Love for the next couple of days.

Big hugs and lotsa prayers, y’all. Hopefully this gets resolved ASAP.

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