Review: Silent

Silent by Sara Alva
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Silent was one of those books that made me worry for the characters when I wasn’t reading, and even after I’d finished. I felt Alex’s anger, his want, and his pain so acutely. This is a story of two teenagers finding love and hope in the midst of a hopeless situation, and it was told about as beautifully and carefully as I think it possibly could have been. It felt real and authentic, but awareness for the delicacy of Sebastian’s potential mental health issues and what that meant for Alex was addressed.

We know early on that Alex’s home life is full of abuse and neglect, and he’s facing gang life as his only alternative. The only thing that’s kept him out is knowing he won’t last long in a gang if they find out he’s gay. When he winds up in foster care, he’s horrified to realize he’s developing a growing attraction to his special needs foster brother who’s a good listener to all Alex’s problems–mostly because Sebastian is mute.

This story is such a good read, in part because it’s so gritty and raw. Things seem hopeless for the two young men almost for the entire duration of the book, and that was what kept me turning pages and holding my breath, until practically the last page. Loved. ❤

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