Some Important Stuff, and Some Other Stuff (the week in review)

  • A fellow author, Eric Arvin,  is in the hospital. About to have, I am told, surgery on his brain stem. This is wicked scary, and he and his fiance, as I understand it, are far enough from home that his extended hospital stay (and I would imagine the associated bills) are going to be difficult. So a fundraiser has been started to help Eric and TJ with expenses, and if you’d like to help out you can contribute, here. (your donation can be kept anonymous, if you want)
  • Every day I crush a little harder on Hugh Howey. I confess I was once so down on self-pubbing. Then I published, both with a publisher and without, and compared results. There is still such an interesting stigma attached to doing so because as he points out we see “the slush pile” in self-publishing. The stuff that no publisher would have accepted goes up for sale without editing or attention to cover art, alongside some stuff that’ll really blow your mind. His response to Digital Book World’s survey about author income is very interesting and inspiring.
  • I have “Holly Jolly Christmas” stuck in my head. You’re welcome.
  • Yes, Sir is back on Barnes and Noble. Not sure why it disappeared, but it has returned. It can also (still) be found for the bite-sized price of .99 at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and ARe.
  • The paperback version of Stripped Clean is currently 11% off on both Amazon and B&N – it’s a vendor discount, so I’m not sure for how long they will be marked down, but I appreciate both Amazon and B&N putting it on sale. Also, if you get the paperback on Amazon, you can get the ebook for .99 instead of the usual 3.99.
  • I’m currently working on a) A nap b) the sequel for Stripped Clean and c) A collaboration with Riley Hart called Out of Bounds. You’ll notice the nap was first. Priorities. 🙂
  • An adorable YouTube video of kitten pictures, here.

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