Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey gave me this photo, from one of his exotic vacations I think. I’ve got six inches of snow in my driveway. I’m gonna just pretend I’m here, right now.

I suck a great deal at updating, so sorry. I get busy, I forget to do things like feed myself, the cat, the blog. The Facebook page! The kids, they can rummage through the cabinets, thank God.

So to give you a quick update – people have been sick, snow has happened, lather, rinse, repeat. I drank some coffee. The zombie apocalypse has yet to happen.

I updated/ am writing two unplanned short stories, so that’s largely why I’ve been busy. One of them is a new lengthened version of Under the Full Moon for an anthology to help Eric Arvin and TJ Klune. They’ve been through a lot and will probably have more struggles, so I wish them all the love and luck they can come by. Especially Eric, who I know has struggled with his health, surgery, etc, and I know it’ll be hard for TJ to have to be away from him. So the old free version of Under the Full Moon will be coming down from this site and from Goodreads soon and I hope you’ll buy the anthology to support Eric and TJ. Also, I’m working on a novella about two college guys who fall in love on a study abroad trip, because Mary Calmes told me to. I love Mary, and usually I listen to her.

So all of that was a break from finishing the sequel to Stripped Clean and I need to get back on that shortly, as well as a very important standalone project that I promised someone. I started on it a year ago and had to stop due to deadlines, and then things got logjammed. I’m looking for the time and space to do the story justice and hope to have it soon. Cross your fingers for me.

Big hugs, everyone.

— Ellis

#Vampire Romance: because it’s hot, that’s why

There are some who see the paranormal–the vampires and the dragons and the shifters and whatnot–as silly, unnecessary complications that clutter up an otherwise perfectly good story with weirdness. For some of us, the need to read paranormal comes from a desire for something darker. Something outside the box. We watched the horror or the fairy tale as children and we imagined a world where those things could be real. And we liked it.

I am blessed to call Mary Calmes a friend for many reasons, but one of the things we have in common is a mutual love of the dark fairy tale re-imagined, manlove-ified, and all grown up. Join us today at Andrew Grey books, to find out more about what we love so much about our paranormal heroes.

End of the year m/m chat!

I *almost* forgot! The uber awesome Marie Sexton is hosting a chat tomorrow on Beth Wylde’s yahoo group. I’ll be there as well, along with Heidi Cullinan, Ethan Stone, ZA Maxfield, Clare London, Amy Lane, SA Meade, Kate McMurray, Andrew Grey, JP Barnaby, Rowan Speedwell, ML Rhodes and potentially some others. It’ll be going on ALLLL day 12/28 so please stop in and ask questions and stuff! I believe there will also be some cool giveaways and whatnot also. Hope to see ya!