Out Today: Total Immersion

Total Immersion-rev3

I’m super excited about this story light, humorous new adult story, part of the Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose “Mended” anthology of hurt/care stories. Evan is hurting from an injury and a breakup, Bale is kind of on a search to find himself after breaking up with his high school sweetheart. They wind up rooming together on a trip through Turkey and Greece, and getting immersed in more than just the local culture. I hope you enjoy:

About Total Immersion:

Evan Stanton is in over his head. Injured from a fall on campus, he’s let his boyfriend talk him into a senior year total immersion trip—two weeks abroad—only his boyfriend ends up dumping him shortly before takeoff. Evan gets on the plane anyway, but he’s lost his hope and added to his pain.

Chris Bale decided to spend his senior year of college clearing his head after breaking up with the girl he’s dated since high school. He finds himself on a flight to Istanbul next to a surly kid with piercings and guyliner who couldn’t be more his opposite. They strike up a friendship anyway, and as they make their way across a foreign land, Bale realizes he’s too immersed in Evan to let go.

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“Evan, check it out!” Two of the girls from our group were looking through high-heeled shoes at a table. Next to them, Bale held up a small jar. You’d think it was a trophy. “Penis-enhancement cream!”

The two girls, Tamara and Susan, they giggled and looked at him like he belonged in a zoo. Bale sure didn’t seem to care. You’d think he won a competition. I’d say I couldn’t believe he shouted that shit from two tables away, but after asking the guy selling lacy thongs if they had any in his size and telling the dude at the baklava shop he’d like his pastry with extra nuts? I kind of can.

Turns out Captain Khaki has a bright, shiny freak flag.

I shook my head and made my way over. “Jesus, man. You’re gonna get us thrown in a Turkish prison or something.”

“I’m pretty sure they don’t really do that as often as rumor would have you believe.” He held up the jar. The label showed a grinning old man with a massively huge boner. “So. Whatcha think?”

“I think God only knows what’s in there, and it better never get anywhere near my dick.”

Bale tsked and shot me a scowl. “You know, for a guy who wears studded belts and eyeliner, I’d expect you to be more adventurous.” He reached up and flipped my hair out of my eyes. I hate when people do that, and I’d have said so if I wasn’t in the middle of an argument about penis cream.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for checking out Total Immersion. I hope you enjoy, and happy reading!

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