OutWrite DC – Women Write Gay Erotica (or Romance)


Custom drawing by Reese Dante. ReeseDante.com

If you’re in the Washington DC area this coming weekend, I strongly encourage you to hit up the OutWrite book festival. It’s not as huge as some of the other LGBT reading events I’ve been to–nothing quite compares to the
Rainbow Book Fair in NYC–but it’s growing every year. This one looks like it’s gonna be interesting and fun. 🙂

This year I’m intrigued and excited to be a panel member of the Women Write Gay Erotica event (Friday night, August 2nd, 6:30 – be there!). I classify what I write more as romance than erotica (we can debate the differences if you want but that’s really a whole other post), but there are some blurred lines I suppose, and either way I’m always happy to be involved in a conversation about writing the stories I love.

The topic of women who love to write about men who love other men seems to be an ongoing source of fascination in particular. Perhaps because it’s slippery and tough to pin down, because the bottom line is that the reasons we women love to write gay romance (or erotica) are as many and varied as the women who write the subject matter. Multiplied by a factor of the characters we write.

But I’m rambling. Come join us this weekend, if you’re within traveling distance of U-street. It’s gonna be fun. There will be readings. And shenanigans. Plus, I know a really great bar down the street. 

Hot Nerds and Hot Angels

Today I’m guest blogging for hot, sexy erotica author Louisa Bacio about the men of Amor Prohibido! I dig just a little deeper than I have before into their back-stories, especially into Jake’s past with his ex and what brings him to Puerto Morelos, where Jake and Pakal meet. I invite you to come check it out, here.

Happy Hottie Friday!

Man. I won’t bore you, but it’s been a long freaking week.

I will be guest-blogging for Terry Odell on March 29th about loving your characters, and how that affects the way you write them. Please stop by!

I also blogged for Julia Knight last week about her favorite mystery series – The Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon and was very pleased that Josh Himself stopped by to say he liked the article!

While working through edits for the M/M novella I’m furiously finishing this week, my fabulous critique buddy felt that the heroes could use a little more sizzle and emotion so today’s hottie friday pic is my inspiration. If that’s not a heated emotional look, I don’t know what is. Carry on, guys. 🙂

Happy Friday!