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Hey folks, haven’t bought Stripped Clean yet? Wanna win one to gift a friend? Here you go:

Fictional Candy

Enter to win at Fictional Candy, where I’m also chatting about the controversial topic of cheating in romance! (ends 12/11)

Enter to win at Brita Addams’s blog, where I’m also sharing the recipe for Breakfast Casserole, Stripped Clean style. Just leave a comment to win, and be sure I have your email address so I can tell you that you’ve won. 😉 (also ends 12/11)

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Love Bites: New M/M Free Read

So awhile back my critique partner suggested I try to enter a short story contest–you wouldn’t know it, but my thing is writing novels. Still, with my busy schedule novellas and short stories have turned out to be the bulk of my work thus far. With my busy schedule, it’s just easier. And I seem to be okay at them. So I entered this paranormal-themed contest, knowing it was a long-shot to enter with a gay romance story, but figuring I’d at least give it a shot. The story didn’t final,  and after sitting around in the proverbial drawer for awhile, I decided to post it as a free read. It’s very short vampire/shifter story (there was a word-count limit), and you  can check it out on Goodreads.  I should warn that there’s not really any smexing in this one, there just wasn’t enough room with the allotted word count–but since I tend to often write high heat level, I figured maybe it couldn’t hurt to write a story without any, for a change. 😉 I hope you enjoy.

Get Yer Free Fiction!

Happy Sunday, folks! A copy of my boy-meets-vampire novella Immortal Valentine is being given away over at Reviews by Jessewave today! Stop by and leave a comment for your chance to win.

Episode 8 of Boxer Falls, a gaytime drama is up at the Goodreads M/M Romance group! We’ve got amazing, weekly, FREE m/m drama written by the likes of Damon Suede, Poppy Dennison, Amy Lane, Mary Calmes, Eden Winters, and many more guest authors yet to come.

This week’s episode was written written by me, and it’s a pretty steamy one–here’s an excerpt:

…Oz’s jaw unhinged and his eyes lost focus. Before he knew it Quinn’s cock was hitting the inside of his cheek. He readjusted to get his teeth away—he knew that much at least—and oh, hell, he wanted to swallow the thing whole. It was heavy, and solid, and perfect in his mouth.

Up above, Quinn shifted and a bar stool rocked like the guy was leaning his weight on it. “Shit, Oz—”

Sure. Yeah. Fucking. He responded with an “Mmm-hmm” and put some suction into it, working his hand to spread the excess saliva around and challenging himself to get the head as far toward his throat as he could. Quinn seemed to have the courtesy to stay still and Oz was gratified by appreciative moans and groans and fingers clutching and the back of his head.


“Holy—” Oz looked to the window where the noise had come from. He pulled away with his blood rushing in his ears. Swiped a hand over his mouth. Shit. Shit! What if pictures of this get splashed around? This is the sort of stupid impulsive thinking-with-your-dick move your brother would make, Oz, for God’s sake.

Quinn cocked his head and took a step forward, gaze trained on the window. “S’okay, Oz.” There’s a tree close to the building. Branch hits the window sometimes if it’s real windy.” He laughed. “Probably gonna crash through the glass one of these days.”

Oz didn’t realize how much tension that bump on the window had injected into his muscles until the redhead’s easy smile and explanation made it all leak back out again. Tree. Wind. Right. Jeez. Quinn stepped forward and Oz rubbed that hipbone that fascinated him so, and next thing he knew Quinn’s dick was back to making friends with his tonsils. This time it wasn’t fear jacking up his pulse…

Woo! I just love those two. 😉 If you haven’t checked out Boxer Falls, I hope you’ll stop on by. Also, we’ve had a couple of folks mention that they had difficulty locating the message thread. When you enter the M/M romance group, there will always be a link at the very top of the discussion threads, where it says “Moderator Spotlight.” Mod Lori very awesomely updates this for us each week with the latest episode but if you click the link it actually takes you to a convenient list of ALL the episodes, so it’s an easy way to find everything. We also plan to have a newsletter up soon, and I’m going to update my site here with links to all the episodes for easier access. 🙂 Hope to see you in the discussion thread!

Today’s Quickie: Rock It, Baby!

Hey all! The M/M Romance Group on Goodreads  is having their monthly book of the month group reading poll, and someone was lovely enough to nominate my novella, Amor Prohibido. As I’m still a new author, it could use a little help in the polls, and I’d be SUPER appreciative if y’all could pop over there and help me rock the vote!

Also, I was giving away a free short story at GayRomLit and I ran out of copies. If you wanted one and didn’t get it, please email me at Thanks, everyone!

Win a Free Book from Rick R. Reed

Just a short post for today…

So I recently discovered the mad genius of the man who had earned the title of “The Stephen King of Gay Horror” (which is the best catch-phrase EVER, if you ask me).

I stumbled upon Rick R. Reed’s website eons ago, and while I was intrigued by some of his book titles, I abstained because…I don’t like to read Stephen King (He’s a genius writer; I just don’t like horror much. Don’t throw tomatoes at me!). So the comparison, while brilliant from a marketing perspective, made me squeamish as a reader. Anyhoo, I was finally encouraged to take the plunge, and I’m so glad I did.

Reed’s latest, TRICKS, is not horror. It’s a love story. But like all horror writers, Reed writes with the goal of freaking the reader out and TRICKS is no exception. And it’s awesome!

It’s a gripping story of two young men who appear, at first blush, to have absolutely no common ground on which to build a workable relationship. But when Arliss, a poorly-educated male stripper from the wrong side of the tracks, meets Sean who is an older yuppie type and just happened to wander into Tricks one night when he was nursing a broken heart — an unlikely attraction happens.

And here’s the best part: about a third of the way into the book, things age going well for the couple. A little TOO well. Which tells me I’m either reading a shitty author that doesn’t know how to use conflict, or a wicked-nasty shoe is about to drop. I wasn’t reading a shitty author.

So things go south when Arliss gets approached by a porn producer, and *gasp* Sean has a problem with it. Not only that, turns out the porn producers have shady intentions. So will Arliss and Sean be able to work our their difference of opinion? What will Arliss do when he figures out what he’s gotten himself into? Can Sean help Arliss? Will he even want to?

I gotta say, this book has scored squarely in my top five favorite stories of all time thanks to the “holy shit” factor of the ending. It socked me in the gut and kept me reading, because even when I was pretty sure I had figured out the punch-line I was naive enough to think “Nah, that wouldn’t be it.” And despite the fact that it was a ROMANCE so I knew a happy ending was supposed to be coming, I honestly had my doubts about whether or not those two crazy kids were gonna be able to get their shit together. I couldn’t begin to see how. I mean, we’re talking a stripper and a white-collar nerd, not two burly police detectives who know their way around a sparring mat and a Glock.

So how does it all shake out? I encourage you to find out. The book is available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback, and if you ACT NOW, Reed is giving away a free signed copy on his blog. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning, so strike while the iron is hot!