Last night I had the strangest dream: I was all frothy and bitch-slapping mad at editor and fellow manlove romance author Kate McMurray about the structural state (or lack, thereof) of my current contemporary project. I’ve had to temporarily put it on pause, and I guess my subconscious was more bummed than I realized about taking a break from the writing. Or Kate was, and we have a never before discovered telepathic connection. *shiver*

SO now that I am awake, I need coffee. And people, I have discovered the bestest coffee. It’s Gay Coffee. GAY COFFEE! What better way to immerse yourself in gay culture and perk yourself up at the same time, right? And this is some good shit, yo. Roasted to order, fair trade, organic, whole-bean goodness. And for those of you who are coming to GayRomLit, I talked to the lovely, awesome owner of Gay Coffee and she is sending me samples! They’re going to grind it up for me and wait to send it when the date draws nigh (and drawing night it is!), so it’s at the peak of freshness and everything!! If you will be there in Albuquerque, come and hit me up for some Gay Coffee goodness!

Soapy studs: this week’s episode of Boxer Falls is by Jeremy Pack, and he’s introduced a mystical twist to the murder and mayhem that’s been afoot lately. Come check it out on the Goodreads M/M romance group. Next week? Damon Suede handles the men of Boxer Falls. I have an idea of what he has planned. I do believe it will be a little bit twisted. Stay tuned.

Until next week, I’m off to bitchslap Kate McMurray (no, I’m TOTALLY kidding you guys. Kate’s a friend, and she’s lovely).

The big gay week in review (the big gay books, blog, movies, and soap!)…

(this started out as a short post, I swear) It’s back to school time. I lack organizational skills. I’m running low on Kona coffee. It’s Thursday when I thought it was Friday, yet again. *headdesk*I’ve got 2 books in-progress and another one plotted, and GAH! I don’t know when any of them will be done yet (and ogawd you guys, I so appreciate all of you who keep asking, I swear I’m working on it, I’ll have something for you soon. Hopefully now that the kids are in preschool I’ll have more time to work. I need an assistant. A babysitter. A brain transplant. Moar COFFEE!). *ahems* But hey! It’s all good, because as I look back on the week there have actually been some pretty interesting goings on:

  • Big Gay Blog Week – I participated in “Big Gay Blog Week” over at Lela Gwenn’s Full Frontal Fantasy blog, and wrote an article on why I see romance as a positive thing for the LGBT community.
  •  Big Gay Books Steamroller is out, by Mary Calmes. I love Mary’s books on a lot of levels. The dialogue and the subject matter is always intelligent, there’s (and I admit I’m stealing this description from a friend) a certain witty tartness to her stories, and a perfect balance of sweet and sexy. Some are more emotional, some are darker, but you always can expect a quality story and that’s nice to have in an author. Steamroller was on the light side, and I liked that. A shorter read, about a not so often found scenario wherein a jock has a longstanding crush on a nerdy guy, and when they finally come together it’s like fireworks. I read it in an afternoon at the end of a stressful day, and it was just the thing to take the edge off. Really wonderful, and highly recommended. Also recently released was Four Corners by Kate McMurray which was another very sweet and slightly angsty story about how these four guys used to be buddies and play baseball together, but then one guy took off because he couldn’t quite come to grips with his sexuality. There’s a lot of pain and leftover anger from the friends who were left behind, one of whom has been in love with his buddy since their childhood. Very delightful and worth reading. And Then there was The British Devil by Greg Hogben which is a witty and eye-opening (semi-autobiographical) tale of an international love affair between two men and the many obstacles they face along the way. It’s a very enjoyable and relatable story. God, I just realized it’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read this blog. Uh, no, honey…I didn’t buy any of these books. All loaners, I swear. He DID see the title of the post, and made a point of telling me that I’m really bad at titles. Thanks, honey.
  • Big Gay Movies – Used to be, I would nod and lament along with my fellow authors and romance readers that it was hard to find satisfying ending in gay movies. I felt like so much of it was depressing, angsty, or just downright WTF? And don’t get me wrong, I love angst. I love a good mindfuck! I *know* that being gay/etc can be painful. But give me a hand up after you drop me, so *I* don’t slit my wrists like the movie hero just did, huh? I was thrilled to run across both Private Romeo (gay retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in an all boys military school) and A Marine Story (about a lesbian Marine officer discharged under DADT). I’ve been on a military kick lately, and you can’t have gay military movies without talking either directly or indirectly about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Private Romeo doesn’t address the topic directly. It’s more of a symbolic thing with the setting and whatnot. A Marine Story is much more direct, and gives an example of one of the many potential ways that DADT  impacted lives and careers. Even with the repeal of DADT, I see this subject matter as important. For someone like me who grew up largely in the civilian world (my dad was in the Army but my memory of that is mostly blurry and mostly negative) and who was actually raised with something of an anti-military/ anti-war outlook, it’s hard to understand the impact of DADT. It’s harder still to understand why serving in  the military was important for those who had to hide who they were and were treated unfairly. So I’ve become fascinated by the subject, and the more I learn abut the impact of DADT and the lingering effects after its repeal, the more interested I become.  So what was interesting, was that both of these movies did have positive endings. This was cool, because I think that, too, is a big important thing in gay media. I think it’s extremely important that we acknowledge and remember, but just as important that we have hope.
  • Big Gay Soap! – Welcome to Boxer Falls! If you haven’t caught up on the soapy homo romance yet, please come and join us! This past week Geoff Knight shook things up with his episode over at the GoodReads M/M Romance Group! You won’t want to miss it. Tomorrow’s episode is written by Jacob Z Flores, and I enjoyed it so much that I am now chomping at the bit to buy his book(the perk, of course, of being one of the head writers is getting to see the episodes early). I’ve actually discovered a lot of writers I love thanks to Boxer Falls. Next week will be Edmond Manning. I read his book, King Perry, and he’s definitely another really great new voice in the genre. We’ve been so lucky and SO grateful to have so many talented authors participate. Do stop by. 🙂

End of the year m/m chat!

I *almost* forgot! The uber awesome Marie Sexton is hosting a chat tomorrow on Beth Wylde’s yahoo group. I’ll be there as well, along with Heidi Cullinan, Ethan Stone, ZA Maxfield, Clare London, Amy Lane, SA Meade, Kate McMurray, Andrew Grey, JP Barnaby, Rowan Speedwell, ML Rhodes and potentially some others. It’ll be going on ALLLL day 12/28 so please stop in and ask questions and stuff! I believe there will also be some cool giveaways and whatnot also. Hope to see ya!