Love Bites: New M/M Free Read

So awhile back my critique partner suggested I try to enter a short story contest–you wouldn’t know it, but my thing is writing novels. Still, with my busy schedule novellas and short stories have turned out to be the bulk of my work thus far. With my busy schedule, it’s just easier. And I seem to be okay at them. So I entered this paranormal-themed contest, knowing it was a long-shot to enter with a gay romance story, but figuring I’d at least give it a shot. The story didn’t final,  and after sitting around in the proverbial drawer for awhile, I decided to post it as a free read. It’s very short vampire/shifter story (there was a word-count limit), and you  can check it out on Goodreads.  I should warn that there’s not really any smexing in this one, there just wasn’t enough room with the allotted word count–but since I tend to often write high heat level, I figured maybe it couldn’t hurt to write a story without any, for a change. 😉 I hope you enjoy.

We have a winner…


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on my Loving Kindness post for the Hop Against Homophobia. The winner, KimberlyFDR, will get a copy of two short stories from me. My Dreamspinner Press contemporary story about a one night stand that becomes much more, Feeling Neighborly, and a vamp/shifter short story entitled Under the Full Moon that’s not yet been released to the public. The latter was written for a short story contest originally, but I may eventually post it to Goodreads as a free read in the near future, just as I have my paranormalish/BDSM-inspired short story, Yes, Sir.

Right now I’m finishing up next week’s episode of Boxer Falls, and a contemporary M/M novel, tentatively entitled David’s Goliath which I hope to find a good home for soon.

Stay tuned…


Today’s Quickie: Feeling Neighborly Coming Soon

Crazy-pants! I’ve been so slammed with work and parenting and–oh HEY, the holidays are almost here–that I nearly forgot I’ve got a cute little bite-sized story coming out with Dreamspinner Press just after new years. Check it out:

Teagan Matthews is thrilled to discover his new townhouse comes complete with a sexy new neighbor, but plans go south when Teagan realizes that Matt has a child. While that’s normally a dealbreaker for Teagan, his conviction wavers when he and Matt have a run-in that turns hot and steamy. After a sweaty one-night stand, Teagan and Matt agree to be just friends…with benefits. Over time, hanging out turns into occasional dinners that kind of seem like dates, and soon friends-with-benefits is starting to feel an awful lot like… a relationship.


Okay, Teagan loved to kiss. Loved the teeth-clicking,
stubble-scraping abandon of it almost as much as sex itself.
Loved, most of all, that moment right before a first kiss when
time stood still. When two gazes met and you knew—just
knew—that the next tick of the clock would bring two pairs
of lips together. Still, he sucked in a sharp breath when
Matt’s hot, cinnamon-flavored tongue licked along Teagan’s
slack lower lip before it slid inside his mouth.

And then, like an action movie car crash that had been
put on pause, it was nothing but fire and chaos when things
started to go again. While their tongues dueled, strong hands
landed a bruising grip on Teagan’s ass to push their hard-ons
together. Urgent gasps and grunts filled the still night air.

Available January 4th from Dreamspinner Press